The younger generation Indos have grown up abroad and although they are still interested in their Indo roots and history, they can’t read about it, because as far as we know, there are no Indo magazines in English available. Up until now.
When a few months ago Vivian Boon asked some of her acquaintances abroad what they would think about an English edition of Moesson, they all screamed: ‘Finally’ !  People are dying to read about their Indo heritage, they said, but cannot do it anywhere ?
So Vivian Boon is proud to present to you the first Moesson International. It will appear every three months and it will feature articles from the Dutch edition, but also publish original content written by and for Indos abroad. She does hope you will like it and that you will spread the word, because only with your support and your subscriptions she can keep on publishing this unique magazine.
Although, it’s not the first time that the Moesson magazine has gone ‘international’. In the 1960’s there used to be an American Tong Tong. Tjalie Robinson, founder of this magazine, published the American Tong Tong
from 1962-1965 while he and his family lived in the USA.
Tong-Tong and Moesson’s motto has always been ‘poekoel teroes’, which translates as ‘keep hitting’.
In the first edition of the American Tong Tong, Vivian’s grandfather closed his opening article with these words, which also fit Moesson International: ‘Tong- Tong’s motto ‘poekoel teroes’ will be particularly vigorous in the Land of Baseball and Burgers. The American Tong- Tong will hit many homeruns. This edition is the first. Here it goes ! If you’d like to subscribe please send an email to