The Hague, May 29, 2024
Wieteke van Dort is seriously ill. Louisa Johanna Theodora “Wieteke” van Dort (born May 16, 1943 in Soerabaya, Japanese-occupied Dutch East Indies) is a Dutch actress, comedian, singer, writer and artist of Indo (Eurasian) descent. On April 29, 1999, Queen Beatrixappointed her Knight of the Order of Orange-Nassau
The singer and actress has been diagnosed with cancer with radiation. All gigs and contractual obligations have been stopped immediately.
Wieteke van Dort gained popularity in the seventies of the last century with television programs for the youth such as Oebele and De Stratemaker op zee show. Very beloved was also the Late Late Lien Show in which her alter ego Aunt Lien welcomed Indo guests and artists. Van Dort performed as Aunt Lien many times in the country and this year was seen in the feature film In love with Bali. Due to her illness, Wieteke van Dort has put down all her activities. She wants to spend the coming time in peace with her family and friends.
This message applies as a notice. No further medical steps or treatments will be communicated.
Wieteke by Dort Productions
The Hague