17 April, 2018, a demonstration organized by Het Indisch Platform 2.0, The Indo Community demonstrating and expecting The Dutch Government to apologize and compensate, apologize to our first generation Indos who served and fought under The Dutch Flag in The Dutch East Indies and still havent been compensated for that…This is part of Dutch History just as much as what happened to The Jewish Community during WWII, believe it or not, it’s sad to see that there was just a hand full of Dutch Media attending while it should be front page news…Peggy Stein and Rudy Flohr and many others deserve the credits, they are the ones who are fighting for the rights of our first generation Indos and who are reaching out to The Dutch Government. Especially for us they’ve translated the Dutch text into English so all of us Indos overseas are able to follow what’s going on and why it’s so important to have Indos like Peggy Stein and Rudy Flohr, follow De Indische Kwestie on FB.