Hypocritical Netherlands.

The Netherlands is going to throw itself into a sewer that will break them up and can stink properly, they are going to take a closer look at “” the misdeeds “” of the soldiers they were sending out. They themselves were not going to do it for that, they are too cowardly, and let it be done by lawyers who are looking to score but the government is funding the Investigators who need 4 years to bring these facts to light and they do not shy away from using the names of Officers who lead these executions, but the main names of the principals are unfortunately no longer traceable … how faithful is this. They know exactly how many people were executed and who did it, how much it will cost they see and it will be a lot believe me. Isn’t it wise that money to pay out to the persons entitled to their backpay salary that they have been deprived of during their 3 years imprisonment than to waste on this nonsensical research from which only a few benefit from that money and maybe the smart Indonesian who comes to think? Okay, you see me as a victim, then I also behave like a victim. In an interview with a journalist from the Eindhovens Dagblad, they said clarifying; “That the blame is not on the Veteran, but higher on it. Instead of treating the Veterans of their trauma, the Dutch Government dropped them with a machine gun into the great unknown jungle full of dangers with the message” Success Boys “” it is not surprising that it could have gotten so out of hand. The Veteran deserve more understanding and respect. The Indonesians are not at all concerned with ‘Victims’ “those who fell in battle at that time were Heroes of the Revolution and they honor them as the people who gave the Indonesian freedom with their lives and blood and that are the Heroes for them. Furthermore, the stocking is finished for them. In the USA, Veterans are thanked for their services simply by the citizen and even a meal is deducted because of this, they are just simple things but an Appreciation for the Veteran. Here in the Netherlands the Veterans are hanged on the gallows by half soles, financed by a bunch of party leaders who go on holiday during the formation of the Government ….. what respect do they have for the voters and the best thing is that during this country without government is that this Country is fine …. The Netherlands still has a lot to learn.

The Dutch Government clung to their evil conscience and are now trying to portray holiness without realizing that they are spoiling the last years of the Veteran, who gave their lives for the overseas colony.

The Netherlands should learn a lesson from the Indonesian instead of constantly pleading guilt at the expense of their own people who are kicked in the bloody corners by the government debt and by people who, in the freedom for which the Veterans have fought, do not have anything to do with that. have been able to do to evaluate a dirty war behind their desk. And for the Veteran … this: You have done your job in all difficult circumstances ….. Walked in the mud and lost your wonderful youth to favor of the government that does not have the word “Thank you” in their dictionary …. and despite the world is wages …..The Veteran feels just like the Marine who has been commissioned to bring the Punt to a successful conclusion …. TRUE. !!!

John Bruininga