Requiring Immediate Action!!

Help get a water filtration system to earthquake ravaged Palu!

Palu in Indonesia just experienced a devastating 7.4-magnitude earthquake, which was followed by a horrific tsunami. This event has claimed at least 1,300 lives, this number is increasing by the day and has left countless others injured and without resources. Infrastructure and housing have been leveled. People are without shelter and struggling to obtain essentials such as food and clean drinking water. The collapse of the infrastructure has caused water sources to be unavailable or contaminated.

In an effort to help get clean water to the survivors, SoCal Indo is working hard to raise funds to purchase a water filtration system. The installation of this system will allow clean water to be available on demand.

We understand that many might be financially fatigued from helping to raise funds for Lombok. We are so appreciative for your help with that initiative. To our horror, another catastrophe has occurred, and people desperately need help. We are asking for everyone to donate just $2.50 to get this filtration system installed. If everyone in our Indo groups were to help – we could quickly meet the goal of $7,000 which is all that is required to make this happen.

We at SoCal Indo are so inspired by the support that is found within our Indo community. The Indonesian Diaspora Foundation will receive the donations and they will make sure it gets to the right authorities in Sulawesi. Please share this message and help to raise awareness while strengthening our unity.