Finding a stem cell donor is hard for ‘Indos’, as they are a rare group. People of mixed Dutch-Indonesian descent hardly occur outside The Netherlands –  there’s only a handful abroad (mostly in the U.S.). Hence the international data bank of stem cell donors has little to offer to them, as stem cells of similar ethnic background – which in many cases offer a better match – are rare where Indos are concerned.

The ‘Indo-factor’ can be complicating in match finding even down to further ‘diluted’ generations, including e.g. U.S. born children with only one Indo-parent, or even their (grand-)children. Hence enriching the donor banks with YOUR profile is of the essence!

So dear Indos, wherever you are: please register at your local/national stem cell donor bank. It’s easy as pie! Click the links for USACanadaAustralieN ZealandS Africa, or Indonesia.

In the end you’re helping your next of kin and yourself: the larger the pool of registered donors, the likelier they’ll find a donor for your own beloved ones, should any of them be so unfortunate as to be struck by this horrible disease.


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Thank  you so much

Jeroen Kramer