Grace Loren is 8 years old, and has had 4 open heart procedures and countless hundreds of other surgical procedures. Because of her rare defect, complicated by the presence of MAPCAS (extra collateral arteries that develop for oxygenation), they discovered that the local children’s hospital was ill equipped to care for her. Grace Loren now receives all surgical care at Stanford University’s children’s hospital, Lucille Packard, and relocates for an unknown amount of time for each cardiac procedure to Northern California, Anneke often leaving her husband and son behind.

If there isn’t a healthcare reform that works, eliminating lifetime maximums, and letting people with pre-existing conditions seek coverage, they won’t be able to afford future care for Grace Loren , meaning when she needs her next heart surgery (anytime between now and the next 5 years, it appears), she will have already reached her maximum lifetime care amount, and they’d be forced to cash pay. They recently (6 months ago) relocated to Central Oregon- they’re closer to her hospital, the heat in Central Oregon isn’t so hard for her heart, and they’re in a much more “progressive” state.

Anneke will do whatever it takes for her kids to get the care they need, and deserve. Our goal is to receive $1,000 in donations with deadline date 17 March 2017 so we can hand over this amount at our SoCal Indo Kumpulan the day after. Please spread the word and help, thank you!