It’s another Friday evening in SoCal and I’m about to pick up Victor Van der Geugten and Gerry Lapré, three of us live in the San Fernando Valley about 15 minutes driving East on the 210 towards should I say Indo capital of the US, Pasadena.  Just like Den Haag is the Capital of us Indos in the Netherlands we can all agree that most of our omas, opas, tantes, ooms, mamas and papas have lived there, grew up there, joined kumpulans out there and yes also moved out from there to another region in SoCal or out of state. 

The three of us are on our way to Dutch Club Avio in Anaheim, should we request to change the name into Dutch-Indo Club Avio since there’s both Dutch and Indos hanging out there for decades.  The majority of visitors are our first generation Indos, our omas and opas and moms and dads but what about the generation of Vic, Gerry and myself ? WHY is it that especially this gereration isn’t too much interested to get together once a month or every other month,  just like our opas and omas and moms and pops did and yes, still do ?

Today, Friday 17 November 2017 Jason Schmidt Weymans and our SoCal Indo Band are performing at the Avio and we’re celebrating Francesca Meijer’s birthday so a reason more to have a good handful of younger Indos attending !

It was good to see all of the ooms en tantes but also many of us younger Indos, enjoyed our meal, biefstuk met friet, sla en grown ten and gebakken vis met friet en sla, real Dutch, only thing that was missing was an ice cold glass of Hero Cassis !

Next event has been scheduled for most likely the 3rd Saturday of March 2018, our first SoCal Indo Pasar Malam at Avio, we’ll keep you posted !