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What does the ‘Indische Kwestie’ mean? We want the recognition of and apology for the improper treatment of the Dutch from the Dutch East Indies by the successive Dutch governments after WWII. This also means paying back salaries to soldiers and civil servants for the 41 months of war they endured during which they weren’t paid a dime. We further demand compensation for the material damage suffered as a result of the complete loss of possessions. The Netherlands is the only Allied country that has managed to shirk this obligation.

We are envisioning an agreement in the form of a FAIR DEAL, which should bring the necessary closure. In addition, we want a comprehensive, integral and fair “EX GRATIA” regulation for all, up to and including the second generation. We, the parties, their networks and the writers want to jointly close the Indo/Indisch Dutch Black Book before it is too late, i.e. when there won’t be any more survivors who deserve a final form of compensation and vindication. #indischekwestie

Indisch Platform 2.0

Indisch Platform 2.0 established! We are the foundation of the Indisch Platform 2.0. We became an official action platform and hotline for the Indische Kwestie on August 1, 2017. Every voice ought to be heard! For more than 70 years the war victims from the former Dutch East Indies have been ignored, silenced and pushed under the rug! Let’s break the silence to resolve this once and for all! The Indische Kwestie is not merely an “Indisch” issue: it’s a Dutch issue.
Indisch Platform 2.0 was established by Mrs Peggy Stein and Mr Anton te Meij

King Willem Alexander from The Netherlands talking to demonstrators during a demonstration hosted by INDISCH PLATFORM 2.0 in Den Haag, The Netherlands.

…At least His Royal Highness King Willem Alexander of The Netherlands took the effort to meet and greet with demonstrators who are fighting for recognition, apology, backpay and compensation for material damaged suffered…

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Seeking Dutch/Indo WWII Veterans who are still among us.

Wanted Dutch/Indo WWII Veterans who are still among us ! Please share !

In the context of 75 years of liberation in 2019/2020, we are still making an ultimate attempt to find living WWII Dutch/Indo veterans at home and abroad who are still entitled to a military honor!

Who are we looking for? Living Dutch/Indo men who were mobilized at the time of the Japanese invasion in the Dutch East Indies for the KNIL and then in Japanese captivity

(during forced labor on the railway lines, shipyards or in the Japanese mines) and not have been rewarded with a War Remembrance Cross or Mobilization War Cross.

In addition, men who served between 1945 and 1951 in the Dutch East Indies and did not rewarded with the “Ereteken for Order and Peace”.

How can you help us ? Share this message within your network as much as possible and help !

We are pleased to announce that Mr Wim Van Vreeswijck has been given the good news that he will be receiving “The Mobilization War Cross” and “The Medal of Honor for Order and Peace” We will keep you all informed when a delegation of representatives of The Dutch Embassy in Washington will be traveling towards Artesia, SoCal where Mr Wim Van Vreeswijck resides.

Here’s a video where Mr Wim Van Vreeswijck talks about his younger years in The Dutch East Indies, before, during and after The Japanese Occupation.