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‘Blauwe Brieven’ (Blue Letters) a deep dive into the Dutch Indies Issue by Henk Harcksen

A deep dive into the political-administrative, historical and legal aspects of the Dutch East Indies issue. How politicians have been wrestling with this subject for more than 70 years. How is that possible? Why are substantiated claims still not honoured? What has been happening since the ’40s, ’50s and ’60s from the previous century until now?

The book “Blue Letters”, written by jurist Henk Harcksen, presents a short and concise look at this very issue. What seems to be a very complicated issue is unravelled and brought down to an understandable level. A level that shows claims that are not being paid, being avoided or agreements being swept under the rug. A level of compensations and lump-sum payments. A level of divide and rule, political chess, legal jousting and tasteless civil service. This can all be titled “Unjust”. The parties involved have almost all passed away. The remaining parties who are still living suffer from the pain of this injustice, even at and old age. These are not war stories.

These are stories that the political directors and legally responsible persons should be taking note of because there is still a large group of the next generation who are affected. They are still affected by the traumas of their parents from the camps. They inherit the sadness, the rage and the suffering of their parents. They continue to fight until justice is done.

In 2020, The Netherlands celebrates 75 years of freedom. There will be a large group of Dutch people who have experienced the same 75 years in a different light.

The book can be ordered directly from Henk Harcksen by depositing USD 38.00 into his account: NL30 RABO 0387 1107 04. based on Blue Letters. Shipping costs are included. Don’t forget to mention the delivery address {name-address-postcode-residence}.

Mail address of Henk Harcksen:

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What does the ‘Indische Kwestie’ mean? We want the recognition of and apology for the improper treatment of the Dutch from the Dutch East Indies by the successive Dutch governments after WWII. This also means paying back salaries to soldiers and civil servants for the 41 months of war they endured during which they weren’t paid a dime. We further demand compensation for the material damage suffered as a result of the complete loss of possessions. The Netherlands is the only Allied country that has managed to shirk this obligation.

We are envisioning an agreement in the form of a FAIR DEAL, which should bring the necessary closure. In addition, we want a comprehensive, integral and fair “EX GRATIA” regulation for all, up to and including the second generation. We, the parties, their networks and the writers want to jointly close the Indo/Indisch Dutch Black Book before it is too late, i.e. when there won’t be any more survivors who deserve a final form of compensation and vindication. #indischekwestie

Indisch Platform 2.0

Indisch Platform 2.0 established! We are the foundation of the Indisch Platform 2.0. We became an official action platform and hotline for the Indische Kwestie on August 1, 2017. Every voice ought to be heard! For more than 70 years the war victims from the former Dutch East Indies have been ignored, silenced and pushed under the rug! Let’s break the silence to resolve this once and for all! The Indische Kwestie is not merely an “Indisch” issue: it’s a Dutch issue.
Indisch Platform 2.0 was established by Mrs Peggy Stein and Mr Anton te Meij

King Willem Alexander from The Netherlands talking to demonstrators during a demonstration hosted by INDISCH PLATFORM 2.0 in Den Haag, The Netherlands.

…At least His Royal Highness King Willem Alexander of The Netherlands took the effort to meet and greet with demonstrators who are fighting for recognition, apology, backpay and compensation for material damaged suffered…