Aloha, my name is Charles Pieters and I was born in Alkmaar, Netherlands in the 60s, I have one sister and a brother. My father left Batavia now called Jakarta, Indonesia in 1957 to go to Netherlands and was settle in by the Dutch government in a small town called Schoorl, Netherland with my 1st Opa and Oma. My 1st Opa passed away a year later and my Oma remarried to my 2nd Opa. I never met my 1st Opa on my dad side but remember 2nd Opa very well while I was in Netherlands. My Oma and 2nd Opa finally moved to Alkmaar and settle there with my father and his six brothers and two sisters. My father met my mother who is also Indo in Alkmaar where they had me, my brother and sister. I still remember going to catholic school where the nuns and teachers where very strict. We left Alkmaar in 1969 and settle in a town called Concord, California. When I came to the US, I did not speak or understand English at all but had great teacher, I still speak and understand Dutch but to read it or write I have a very difficult time. I use google translation, lol My parents’ divorce when I was young and my father raised me, my brother and sister as a single parent. He was very strict but always had his support and insuring we always had a good life. My father has taught me a lot as I was growing up. He always told me you must always do your best son in whatever you do, don’t disgrace our name and be proud that you are Dutch Indonesian (Indo) After I graduate high school, I join the United States Army at age 17 for a two year enlistment and station in Germany. I went to Alkmaar every month to see my family in Alkmaar since it was only a four hour train ride. It was so great seeing the family again and eating Indo food. I wanted to leave the Army as soon as my enlistment contract was over but the Army and my father convince me to reenlist. I started to go to some Army Leadership schools, travel all over the world and started to like it, instilling leadership into my young life at the time. Well, what turn into a two year enlistment end up being 31 years of active duty military service and I achieved the rank of Command Sergeant Major, which is the highest rank you can achieve as an enlisted Soldier in the military. I retired at age 47 from the military in 2010 here in Hawaii and started to work for Disney on the island of Oahu as a driver taking guest from Waikiki to the resort where I work. Disney found out I had some Leadership and ask me to be a Manager/Leader here at this awesome & beautiful resort called Aulani a Disney Resort & Spa. I’m living my dream by being in paradise but I miss my Indo food, Life is good. I’m proud to be an Indo Charles